Success is Failure? Monday Motivation 11/28/16

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Happy Monday,

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Saw the Vintage High Choir Perform at the Silverado Resort and Spa Tree Lighting Ceremony this weekend. What a way to kick off the Holiday Season!

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving Weekend! As you know, I like to start the week with something motivational.

"Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

I have always found it so odd that "Society" looks at failure as a negative thing... where those that are extremely successful treat failure as their greatest learning experiences and never seem to fear failure... Well I guess there is a reason why some achieve success and some don't...

The reality is, in order to succeed you will fail, it is the reality of it. Instead of looking at failure as a negative, get excited as you are one step closer to failing your way to success!

Keep pushing and go create the Life you know you truly want and deserve!


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