Pasta Prego makes my Week!

I don't know what the best local Restaurants are... but...

Last night I was working past 5 and as my eyes were beginning to bleed from reading to many legal forms, I did what every red blooded american does... I gave my eyes a break from peering at tiny print on paper to stare unblinkingly at my Facebook news feed. It was then that I came across this photo of Stuffed Chicken Breast Risotto from Pasta Prego and I knew I had to eat there tonight. Not a hard sell with my wife, as it is one of her favorite places in town. Plus it's always welcome when someone has an answer to that all too familiar question of "What will we eat tonight?"

Kind of a no brainier. Pasta Prego has been also been a favorite of mine ever since they were over on Jefferson Street. Can't believe I didn't think of it sooner (I had been trying to think of something special for our date night dinner). I always forget what restaurants are out there until I either drive by them or someone brings them up. Thanks Facebook for the great recommendation. BUT it got me thinking... What are the best Restaurants out there in the valley for locals? I always love it when people suggest Morimoto or Cole's Chop House, which is fine. I love those places too. However, what do I do when I want something nice that wont break the bank?

I picked up a steak for myself and a risotto for the wife. I just love how fresh and healthy all the ingredients they use are. We usually try to eat at the restaurant but we have been eating-in a lot lately with the baby. The new restaurant is amazing though (I say new, but they've been there for three (?) years now, or something like that). I love the decor, feels modern and elegant. We've gotten wrapped up sitting there talking for hours before. Plus it's the kind of place where they recognize you and remember your name. Of course, maybe that's just me... and maybe that's not a good thing. Oh, and if you ever dine here... you have to try the cheesecake. It was amazing!

Pasta Prego is definitely a staple for Napa Locals who are in the know, and nothing against them but I'd really love to get some insight on other great places like this if anyone's got any. I can't remember what else I've been forgetting about! I wonder if anyone else goes out on regular date nights around town and might have found some good spots lately. I'm really trying to up my Dating game. Wanna take it to a whole new level this year. I want to take my Wife and son out and trying some new and old things. 

While we're on the subject of my wife and my son, I'd love to take a second and say, if you read this, thank you! I really appreciate it. you can't "like" this here... but you could like my Facebook business page --> Lehman Properties. Coming soon, we're going to start organizing regular charity contest cash give-aways. Nothing spectacular, but I think it'll be a fun way to create cool posts and give back to the community. I don't know if people will be into it, but look out for that coming soon.

Thanks Again and I look forward to your insights!

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