Monday Motivation - March 13, 2017

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend and are ready for a great week!

It was a gorgeous sunny weekend here in Napa...perfect to get Open House season rolling! Our son even came by to visit!

As always I like to start the week off right with some words of motivation...

"There's a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It's a nonrenewable resource. Once you've spent it, and if you've spent it badly, it's gone forever." Neil A Fiore 

Now the reality is, we are all guilty of spending our time in non wise ways.. But the great news is that our past does not define us. We use our past to reflect, learn and improve so we can then continue to make better choices as we move forward.

With time being so brief and so precious, it is important to take a few minutes every single day and reflect on how you are using your time, then take a few minutes and set an intentional plan for the day of how you can best use your time. This few minutes daily can quickly become a life changer!

Keep pushing forward and have an amazing week!


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